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Smuuti Skin, a Korean cosmetics brand from the Finnish company Beautyko Import Oy, will be launched in all Finnish Prisma stores January 17th, 2023. Smuuti brings effective Korean skincare products easily available in grocery stores.

Smuuti Skin has been developed especially for young people for whom the price/quality ratio of products is important. Korean cosmetics are an excellent answer to this, using high quality ingredients and world-class product development, but priced at a fraction of what a comparable Western product would cost. Korean cosmetics are more popular than ever, especially among young people. The young people in our survey were particularly enthusiastic about the easy availability of Korean cosmetics in supermarkets, thanks to Smuuti.

”I wanted to develop a cosmetics brand that combined the quality, product development and affordability of Korean cosmetics. I wanted the brand to be particularly suitable for supermarkets, where I believe there has been a niche for an interesting Korean cosmetics brand,” says Jenni Ahokas, CEO of Beautyko Import Oy and founder of Smuuti Skin.



All Smuuti products use fruit and plant extracts, which are much used in Korean cosmetics. Fruit and plant extracts make products moisturising and conditioning, perfect for dry skin. At the heart of the range is moisturised, supple and healthy skin. Our first skincare range is based around hyaluronic acid and watermelon extract. Watermelon extract has a long history in cosmetics as it has been used as an ingredient for decades in Korean skincare.

The range includes four effective products that are all you need for skincare. According to a study, 40 % of young people have a 10-step skincare routine but almost everyone wishes they had a shorter and simpler skincare routine. Smuuti’s range includes a gentle cleansing balm, toner, serum and face cream. All the products are vegan and non-animal tested.


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Smuuti Skin is a brand known from TikTok specialising in skincare for young people. We make skincare simple and easy. Our affordable and delicious products combine the quality of Korean cosmetics with vitamin-rich fruit extracts.