Smuuti Skin – a brand known from TikTok

Smuuti Skin is a brand developed by Beautyko Import Oy, a Finnish company that makes high-quality Korean cosmetics easily available to everyone. Our products are designed in Finland for Nordic skin and are suitable for different skin types. Our affordable products combine the high quality and product development of Korean cosmetics. Our products are always completely cruelty-free and vegan. Smuuti Skin makes skin care simple and easy – let us brighten your skin and your spirits!

Your skincare bestie

We are a truly community-driven brand and we listen to our community’s feedback about our products, packaging and development projects. In our community, you can get involved in workshops where we discuss matters related to Smuuti. You can message us anytime on our social media channels. At Skin School, we’ll teach you the basics of skincare.

Product quality

In Korea, a handful of large cosmetics factories produce the majority of Korean cosmetics. These factories have skills and resources in a class of their own. That’s why we wanted to make Smuuti Skin products according to our and consumers’ wishes in collaboration with the most skilled chemists. Experience the benefits of quality ingredients and formulations on your skin at a reasonable price.

Our values

Smuuti Skin is an inclusive, equal and community-based brand. We never edit our images and we show real skin. Smuuti Skin skincare products are suitable for everyone, so it’s important for us to bring inclusivity to our advertising images and social media channels. Our channels are a safe, feel-good place for everyone.

Social responsibility

We want to make a positive difference to young people’s lives through more than just skincare. We chose mental health, an important part of all our lives, as the theme of Smuuti Skin’s social responsibility and a subject we will focus on in the future. The theme was picked in collaboration with young people themselves in a workshop.

Founder’s greetings

I wanted to create a brand that highlighted the simple but effective skincare products along with the great value for money of Korean cosmetics. I also wanted to make Korean cosmetics easily accessible to everyone, as there was limited availability of Korean cosmetics in Finland.

I believe that effective and good skincare doesn’t have to be a hassle and doesn’t need 15 different products. Smuuti makes skincare simple and easy, and makes Korean cosmetics easily accessible to everyone. You can find our products in supermarkets around Finland and in several online stores.

Korean cosmetics use a lot of vitamin-rich plant and fruit extracts, which we have used in all Smuuti products. Fruit extracts make the products moisturising and nourishing. For the first product range, I chose watermelon as the main ingredient, as it has been used in skincare in Korea for generations. In autumn 2023, we added a new range: kiwi extract, which contains the exfoliating enzyme actinidin and vitamins C and E.

I hope Smuuti will brighten up your skincare moment too. ♡ If you have any questions about the products or the brand, you can reach me via email, TikTok or Instagram.


Jenni Ahokas   
CEO                             Jenni’s LinkedIn

Easy access to quality Korean cosmetics.

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